Keeping filtering and ordering of a table when returning to it

When a user edits an element in a table and returns to the table after editting, the ordering or filtering of that table is gone.

When you need to edit many elements in the table that means a user needs to set the ordering or filtering again after each edit.

It would be great if the table holds the last ordering/filtering when returning to it.

A work around could maybe be allowing the system to open links in another browser tab.

That way the filtered table could remain in its own browser tab.

Thank you for your request. In case you can’t wait for this feature to be built into Triggre, you can always create it yourself.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Add the search fields to the User data-item as properties
  2. Add a new page with form fields
  3. Add form fields of the properties you want to search on in your table page, to the new page you created
  4. When submitting the form, save the items in the User data-item (created in step 1)
  5. When displaying the table page, use the saved items in the User data-item in your filter to show the correct data.