Calculating days between 2 dates

I always assumed that Triggre would give a whole number when you calculate something like (end date - start date)/ 1 days. But it turns out that in some cases it gives me a number like this 61,04567. Why is this? And what could I do to calculate the whole number of days?

It depends:
Triggre always calculates with 6 decimals.
If you save it into your datamodel it removes decimals based on how the propety has been configured in your datamodel.

Also, if one of the two dates is acutally a DateTime it’s highly expected that you don’t get a whole number.

If your result doesn’t meet any of these two situations described above, please send me a DM with the link to your design in the designer and show me an example of two dates that you subtract and the result of it.

Hi Rick,
It appears this calculation doesn’t return a whole day, when one of the two dates crosses day light saving time.

So if you would substract 01-jun-2023 from 01-sep-2023 it’ll all be fine and Triggre will return a whole number.
However, when you would subtract 01-jun-2023 from 01-nov-2023 Triggre will return a number with decimals, since winter time started on october 29.

I’ve created a defect for our development team to fix this.