Filter between dates

Hi all,

I want to filter between dates. Is there a function like that?
Now, if i make a flowpart, i can choose => or =< but not both.
I want to do: SUM(xxx) where date is between startdate and enddate.
Thanks in advance.

Koen Peters

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You can create both by combining two rules.

What you can do is create the following rule:
Current date > StartDate AND Current date < EndDate

Pro tip:

  • First create rule Current date > StartDate
  • Then click >
  • Then click the green +
  • Create the rest of your rule (AND Current date < EndDate)

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for your reply.
But i don’t see the AND button:
I can only make one rule…


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I found the AND option! had to click the < as you said…

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Click on the >= symbol. Then you’ll see two additional plusses to add things.

Feel free to view this knowledge base article for some more information: Using the rule editor

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