Filter form field based on dropdown field in the same form or page

Hi all!

I am trying to filter options in a pick list ( this does not have to be a pick-list ) based on a value from the above pick-list field.
one of the materials should make a selection of type boor / zaag machine

for example, when beton is selected β†’ only the beton met diamant droogboor systeem is available

Couple of questions:

  • Is it possible to show or hide form fields based on a certain value in the form.
  • is it possible to filter records and or pick list based on a certain value in the form?
  • is it possible to filter fields or part of pages based on a certain value on the page that is not in the form ( make 3 forms in separate column and show 2nd or 3rd based on selection in first form )

Hope you have a suggestion!! :pray:

Thanks Niels

Hi Niels,

Thanks for your questions:

  • Yes, you can build different pages based upon the value in a form.
  • yes, you can create a data item which filters on the material that you select. So you can create a filter from another form field on the same page.
  • yes based upon the dataitems and their references you can create 2nd and 3rd selections.

Does this help?


Thanks Jochem!

I should have asked ofcourse also if you have an example or documentation that i have not found yet. :slight_smile: .
I just found this masterclass 24. Parent-child forms - Documentation / Weekend masterclass - Triggre Community and think it will help me a lot.

It would also be great to see the data model setup of the masterclass. Where can I find this?

Last question:
Can I also hide a form field based on selection of the parent field? Sometimes additional fields are needed and sometimes not.

If this is possible, how can i build this?


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Hi @niels.deboer,

Hiding form fields is not yet supported by Triggre. The best alternative is to make a validation rule on those fields.

So the field is optional, but when another field or fields is/are filled in, then it would check that the optional field is also filled in.

Optional visibility is on our backlog.

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