From "Add" to "Details"

Hi Community,

In a user flow, I am able to select a record (Firm) from the overview and go to the detail page of that record.

When I create a new record in that same user flow, I want to go to the same detail page, but with the details of this newly created record obviously.

I fail to see how I can achieve this goal and I suppose I could use a push in the right direction. Thanks! :wink:

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Goodmorning Ronald,

Good question. To do this you want to search for the “new” or “existing” record.
So you need two inputs and one output. You can resolve this with a flowpart.

Step 1 - create the flowpart
The flowpart has 2 inputs: The “new” firm and the “existing” firm. These are both inputs.
Check if firm 1 is supplied → for example firm 1/created =/ empty
→ true: calculation input/Firm 1 (name: Firm)
→ false: calculation input/Firm 2 (name: Firm)
Output: Firm

Step 2 - Add these to the userflow after you created a new firm or check the details of an existing firm. Check screenshot how your flow then would look like

Does this help?

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I like this solution and I got it to work just fine!

This makes my application so much more flexible, thanks!