Loading Triggre templates

At Triggre, we believe in making your application development process as smooth and efficient as possible. That’s why we have developed a growing library of templates, absolutely free for you to use. These templates are not just random designs - they’re created based on real-world cases, providing you with practical, proven solutions to common scenarios. You can check all the available Triggre templates here.

To assist you in navigating through our extensive templares library, we’ve also developed an Explore tool that helps you find the perfect template for your specific needs. Simply reply to 6 questions and our tool will suggest the best matches from our template database. Check our Explore tool here.

You can load Triggre templates directly from the Triggre Designer. Simply use the template slider to find the template you want to load, and click on “LOAD”.

Load template

Beware that loading a template will replace the design you have at the time. Don’t worry because you can recover it in “VERSIONS” (more info here).

You also have the option to create your own Triggre templates. This allows you to reuse the layout of previous applications you’ve done, incorporating your personal preferences or niche requirements into your applications. Learn more about creating your own templates here.