Make list into a text

Hi guys,

For a project i’m using a API call to get an employer ID.

This is the output:
Schermafbeelding 2024-03-07 091016

We’re using a filter in the API call. So we only have one id showing in our user flow. And now we want to connect this id to an data item. So the employer will have a employer id.

Its possible to do this manually by selecting the id in the list. Show it in a form field. Then update the employer with the id from the form field.

is there a way to do this automatically?

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Hi Kenneth,
Thanks for the description of your issue.
I think Jesse posted something about this here: Convert Text To Number - #3 by Jesse
We haven’t tested it yet, but maybe the solution will solve your issue.

Hi Eddie,

I think its not exactly the same. We want to extract 1 item from the list. So we can use this parameter for a next call.

So you don’t need to convert it from Text to Number?

Because if that’s the case you can use a repeat action to store the ID in a calculation. After that you do a lookup on all calculations, outside the repeat action, using the the list contains function.

So you create the following:

  1. Interface
  2. Repeat action
    2a. In repeat action: create a calculation for the value ID (name it “IDfromRepeatAction”)
  3. Look up on Employers with the following filter as a single item: LIST IDfromRepeatAction/ID CONTAINS Employer/ID

Now you can use the result of step 3 in the new interface.

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