Bigger (or variable) popup for editting text or rules

Sometimes it is hard to cramp the text or rules in the tiny popup.
Is it possible to enlarge the popup, maybe even by the user for example with a “+”-zoombutton?

Do you mean the rule editor which you use to filter a table page or do you mean the text editor for emails?


I mean both the editor for rules (in decisions and form fields etc)
and the editor for text in pages and email etc.

To provide a small peak behind the scenes: one of our developers is currently working on preparations to support larger pop-ups for the text editors in a future release (so that’s the e-mail editor, texts on pages, etc). We are focusing on these right now as we think it will be most beneficial to have them in a larger pop-up, but I can imagine that after that we will have a look at whether we can do a similar thing for the rule editors as well.

Today’s release has introduced variable sized popup screens. Please note that there may still be places where the size is not optimal, we will further optimize this for every step in upcoming releases.