PDF and document editing


I am currently building an application for a client that sends PDF documents to their customers, with both dynamic and static text included.

I have noticed recently that after finalising the structure of the document and sending out a test copy, some items (that were previously included in the structure of the document) seem to be missing.

I have spotted this more than twice and it is hard for me to pin point the root cause.

This begs the question - does the document editing panel have a limited number of items (e.g. tables, text, image) it can take?


Hi @stanley.dikeocha,

It sounds like a Triggre defect to me. Could you please share more details with me via DM? So I could check the logs and the sources of the document generated.

Best regards,

Thanks for coming back to me Alex and apologies for my delayed response.

It appears that this was a tiny glitch as since reporting, i have not faced the issue. However, If I spot this again, I’ll flag.


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