Enhancing the document editing feature

I believe it will be very valuable to offer a document editing feature within Triggre. This way, use cases that rely on editing and customising document can easily be implemented.

A service I think you can integrate with (if you haven’t seen this already) is Tiny MCE (https://www.tiny.cloud). A successful integration with this service will make available a rich text document editor feature within Triggre.

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Hi Stanley,
Thank you for your feedback. We’ll look into Tiny and see if we can apply it in our system.

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Hi @stanley.dikeocha,

Good to see you here on the community forums, welcome! Thanks for your suggestion.

Just weighing in with a little bit more info on our efforts regarding the document editor. First of all, let me emphasize that currently we don’t see extensive document editing like you do in a word processor such as MS Word or Google Docs as a necessity in Triggre.

We do however think that you should be able to make at least basic documents, and we allow you to use charts in them, simply because we feel that is fantastic extension of the Triggre functionality into a PDF document.

That being said, we are actively developing our own proprietary WYSIWYG editor. The Triggre Designer currently uses a customized version of the Kendo UI WYSIWYG editor. There are some problems however, that we cannot solve (e.g. deleting text sometimes deleting the wrong placeholder).

After reviewing many, MANY other options, and all of them having blocking downsides (e.g. not working on a mobile device, being hard to customize for our needs, etc) we decided to write our own. The single-line version of this editor is currently used in the Web API wizard, when you enter a URL, in which you can put placeholders.

We intend to use this new editor for many things such as a rich-text field in your application and in the documents. Right now we don’t know exactly when we will release these types of features, but we do have them on our backlog. Partially, they are also on our [Triggre Roadmap | New features coming to Triggre](https://public roadmap).

Hope this sheds some light on our efforts to improve both the document generation feature, as well as other features.