Add the creating of XML files

Dear community,

In Triggre you are able to create a pdf documents, which is nice and useful. However I would also like to have the possibility to create XML files. A practical use case is Invoicing. Most clients nowadays would like their invoices to be sent accompanied by an XML file, mostly in UBL format.

It would be nice to be able to define an XML construct, optionally generated from the datamodel. This could be an action in a flowpart, like the pdf creation works. Structure could be maintained by creating a default flowpart for a single XML structure.

Please give me your thoughts on this and if you like this too, vote it up!


Hi Sylvester,

Thanks for this request. It is indeed an interesting use case. We have put this feature on our backlog for now, to make sure we have it documented.

It would be good to see more use cases for the use of XML documents. The more broadly applicable a feature is, the more priority we give it when considering what next to implement.

If others read this; please like Sylvester’s post if you also want this feature and if you have a use case, please reply.