Improve document generation time

Best Support/Community,

In our Triggre environment we generate a lot of documents. It would be great if the generation time of these documents could be improved.
Currently i think it takes around 10 seconds to generate a PDF (e.g invoice), if this could be reduced it would really improve the user satisfaction


Thank you for your feedback. If the document isn’t instantly necessary, you could also consider creating an automation flow for it.

How does this work?

Imagine you have a form and at the end of a form you create a PDF document based on the information filled out.

First you create the form of course.

Secondly you save all data filled out on the form.

Create an automation flow based on a Data triggre. This data triggre is triggred by the change of a certain property (like form completed yes/no).

As soon as this property is changed the automation flow will be triggred and the document will be generated.


Thanks for your response! This is indeed a good alternative, which me and my colleague use a lot since it comes in quite handy.
But for a customer of ours we are creating a system where they create purchase & sales orders, which they link to specific rides (transportation).
Since they create a lot of orders throughout the day and have extensive contact with the carriers and clients they like to access the documents after they created them.
If they then have to wait e.g. 30 seconds for the documents to be created (since for 1 ride multiple documents need to be created) this could become a bit tedious.

Therefore i created this request, maybe in the future (start of use of this application isn’t soon) something can be done to improve this.


I’ll forward your feedback to our R&D. However, please keep in mind that when you save a Word-document to a PDF it also takes some (=more than saving a Word-document) time to generate and save the PDF.


We have released a version which speeds up the generation of PDF documents, if no charts are in them. They still take a few seconds to generate though. PDF documents with charts are still slower.

We will keep this request in mind for future updates to our PDF engine.