Create custom documents

Dear Triggre,

For one of our clients we would like to create an application which could replace the current, very old fashioned and very badly supported trade and logistics application.

We’re convinced this could be done with Triggre, except for a couple of challenges, amongst which are the legal transport-document they need in order to comply to the transport legislation in The Netherlands and Europe.

In general, these are three documents:

These documents are all templates which are prescripted by the government, they only have to be filled with text in a certain font and size in the correct way – we know very well how, we just have to be able to create these documents.

Unfortunately Triggre doesn’t offer this possibility right now, and we can’t do this project (which is a very big one) if we can’t generate these documents.

It would be awesome if there’s a way we can simply upload some HTML (or maybe Razor/csHTML?) somewhere so we can generate these documents. We can write the HTML ourselves, so that’s no problem.

We fully understand this doesn’t follow Triggre’s philosophy in terms of ‘no-code’ development, but it would be freakin’ great if this would be supported, maybe in the beginning as an MVP solution to the current document editor (which is great, but isn’t suitable for these kind of solutions).

We’d love to hear if this could be made possible, thanks in advance!


You hit the nail on the head saying the suggested solution is exactly opposite to what Triggre is aiming for. So the short answer is, no we will never support this. Since that doesn’t help you at all, I went out to find a good solution for you and I think I found one.

In Zapier you can search for apps that offer certain functionality, and under the ‘Documents’ section I found an app called DocuPilot. It seems to be able to do what you want, so now we’re half-way there. You can use Triggre to send data via Zapier to DocuPilot and generate the document. You can also use Google Cloud Print to generate a PDF, which is also featured in an article by Zapier. However, getting it back into Triggre is not yet possible … but here I have some very good news!

The upcoming release of Triggre (roughly in a week or 2) will feature file support in Zapier! That’s right, sending and receiving files! While we cannot test with all apps in Zapier (and files are a rather hairy subject when it comes to how Zapier handles them) I am confident this solution will work with Triggre.

Hopefully this has been mostly good news for you, even though there’s a little waiting required


Today’s release has introduced file support for Zapier interfaces, which should allow you to accomplish your goal. I will close this topic.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: