Release notes 2024.1

HUGE Zapier improvement
With this release, we are introducing a complete rewrite of the Zapier capabilities in Triggre, bringing them more in line with the Web API functionality. You can now add a Zapier action to a flow part, which will start a zap. Then, after publishing, you can choose this action in Zapier as the trigger to start the zap.

The format in Zapier for dates, times and date-times has changed to comply with ISO standards. This doesn’t affect your Zaps in general, unless you convert the format of a date, time or date-time and/or expect a specific format in your Zaps. For more info, see this topic in the support forum.

Search in dialogs
From now on, when you have large list of flow parts, or actions in a dialog in the Designer, you can search for them. Either click the small looking glass icon in the lower left corner or start typing to search!

Email improvements
To comply with stricter rules regarding spam imposed by, amongst others, Google, we have made some improvements to sending emails. From now on, applications can no longer send messages from any arbitrary domain name. Instead, they can do it either from domain name or their custom domain name that could be set up in My Triggre. For any other domain names the default email address will automatically be used.

PDF viewer improvement
The PDF viewer can now also be used in a stacked page layout, improving its usability even further. Note that the height of the PDF Viewer is set automatically in this case and cannot be changed.

Password requirements
In some cases, when registering as a new user for a Triggre application, the password requirements were not shown. In this release we have added the password requirements to those screens. We have also added an error message when the chosen password is too short.

Willy Warehouse template
The templates carousel now has a new template in it, called Willy Warehouse which is a warehouse management system for complex business logic in inventory management.

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