Release notes 2023.6.1

We have quite some update for you this time!

Starting from this release, Triggre supports Webhooks: publicly available Web API endpoints that can be used for advanced connections, for example authentication processes such as OAuth.

Connection improvements
When creating a new automation flow that starts with a connection triggre, you can now indicate what type of connection it is (Zapier, Web API, SOAP or Webhook).

Improved Web API basic authentication
It is now possible to use basic authentication in the Web API with a username and password from the application, instead of only a static username and password. This means that you can now use the same API action for multiple users for example, by supplying the username and password as an input to your flow part.

Please note that storing passwords in this way can be a security risk. We recommend to only use this approach with API keys, or with accounts that have restricted access.

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