Release notes 2023-02-02

Our long awaited January 2023 release is here, a few days later than initially planned, but also a few days better than initially planned!

Connect to Web APIs
You can now connect your Triggre application to any webhook or web API, easily and quickly. This new feature offers incredible new possible use cases, by opening up literally every application that can communicate through a web API, to be used in your Triggre application. Get started by reading our knowledge base articles on connecting to a web API.

Please note that we release this feature as beta. Even though we spent a lot of effort testing it, together with partners, we cannot guarantee that every web API you connect to will work. If you find a defect, feel free to let us know here.

Regional date/time formats
We have improved our options to set date and time formats in Triggre applications, based on your region. Right now, if your application is hosted in Europe, you’ll use the European formats and in the US you’ll use the US formats, automatically. Soon we will add setting the region to your application settings, so you can choose yourself which format you’d like your application to use.

Drag & drop improvement
Finally, we’ve implemented an improvement in dragging and dropping items in the page editor, which makes it easier to place an item at the top position.