Release notes 2023.3.1

Another new release is available! Here’s what’s new:

Video content
You can now show YouTube and Vimeo videos on pages in Triggre. The content can be a specific URL, or be taken from the User flow. This means you can get it from your data, or from any Web API that gives you a URL to a video on YouTube or Vimeo for example.

Support link
We have added a link to our central support page in the Triggre Designer. It is located in the top right corner, displayed as a question mark. On mobile devices, it is in the menu, and is simply called Support.

Web API improvements
Our Web API now accepts more different versions of JSON responses automatically. More specifically, it accepts application/*json, which means it accepts any content-type that starts with application/ and ends with *json. This makes the Web API work with more APIs, for example the Mollie API.

We also improved validation on cookie name and value, to prevent mistakes in using these values.

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