Release notes 2023.2.1

In 2023 we are releasing new functionality much more often than in previous years. This release marks our second this year already and we are introducing a few new things that will help us inform you better. And, more importantly, cool new features for you to use in your application!

New release notes procedure
From now on you will receive an email every time we do an update that affects one or more of the Triggre applications you have access to. A list of these applications can be found at the bottom of the email. If you have a Triggre subscription, you most likely already had an email about these release notes.

Random number function
Triggre now supports creating a random number between A and B (only whole numbers). For example: Random number between 1 and 10 would give 3. Or 4. Or 9. Or 1. You get the idea. This function is inclusive so it can return the numbers A and B, in this example 1 and 10.

Incoming web API
After the outgoing part of the Web API in the previous release, we now release the incoming part. Every automation flow with a connection Triggre will generate an incoming Web API that others can use to connect to your application. For more information please read the documentation.