Release notes 2018-12-05

Publish APIs
It’s now possible to create a connection triggre to publish your own custom API with Triggre. This way, you can start and perform processes within Triggre that happen when another application calls the connection triggre! This other application can be anything, for example, a Zapier connection or any standard or custom application that supports connections.

Connect Triggre with Zapier – Part II
In September we have told you about the connection between Triggre and Zapier. Zapier is a program that allows you to connect web applications with each other in little workflows.

The first part made it possible that an action in Triggre can lead to an action happening in a different application. Now it’s the other way around! An action in another application, can make something happen in Triggre. This works with Twitter, Gmail, SalesForce, WordPress and much more.

Support for different languages
From this release on, the Triggre Designer supports different languages. Besides English, it is now possible to use your Designer in Dutch or Russian! The standard text in the created application will also be in the chosen language. This goes for texts like ‘log in’, ‘search’ or ‘submit’.

General stability and performance improvements and fixed issues.