Connections with Triggre

Dear community,

I want to open this post, and have a discussion about the connection with other applications.

Within Zapier it is possible to make connections with other apps to your personal Triggre instance. BUT, Zapier requests some credentials to enter before it can connect to your instance. If i enter my regular Triggre credentials it returns an error, so i am curious on what i have to enter to get it up and running.

Also, i see that whenever you are building a flow part you have to ‘Connection’ feature you can pick. I was wondering if this option only allows you to connect with Zapier, or also with other external API’s that are available. And also, what information does the ‘Connection’ feature need before it starts working.

I want to get familiar with these, so that i can build nice connections with other applications. And i think this is a really interesting topic that probably some other people are struggling with. So let me know!

To work with Zapier you need a set of automatically generated credentials associated with your application for now. I will get somebody to mail you yours. We are currently working on improving this, but decided to proceed with making Triggre publicly available in Zapier nonetheless, as we were very enthusiastic about meeting Zapier’s requirements for it. Zapier is not required to connect to a Triggre application; it’s all generic, but we think Zapier lines up nicely with our idea that people don’t necessarily need to be developers to be able to build applications.

The connection triggre can receive information from another application and will set an automation flow in motion. All connection triggres in your application are available to use as Zapier action. If you want connect something besides Zapier to your Triggre application: the connection triggre is exposed as SOAP or REST endpoint, which can be consumed by any application. The whole automation flow works as a function in that case, i.e. it has input parameters and returns what you define as output. There are a few restrictions to the connection triggre, but there is a very nice expansion for it coming soon.

The connection action in flow parts actually doesn’t work with Zapier at all, because Zapier uses a different philosophy (see next section). How the connection action works is that you can provide a WSDL description of a SOAP interface to connect to another application. We currently only support SOAP here.

Zapier requires an event in an application to start a Zap (it’s not an endpoint that can be called, which is why you can’t use the connection action in combination with Zapier). Instead, you can start a Zap when data changes in your Triggre application, so that’s when data is added, changed or deleted.

Hopefully that answers your first questions. If you want to know anything in more detail, just leave a mesage and I’ll try my best to answer it.