Unable to connect triggre app with zapier

Hello experts,

I am newbie for triggre, currently in the exploration phase for future use. It would be great, if somebody can help me in understanding about connecting my triggre account with zapier. I am confused about the details that I need to provide, when zapier asks few questions about connection.
Questions asked by Zapier, for which I need to provide the answers. Please help here:

Allow Zapier to access your Triggre Account?

Application username
<what do I need to provide here?>

hint :This is the name of the application, not your personal account. Ask your guide if you don’t have one.


Triggre application

<what do I need to provide here ?>

E.g. https://smith.triggre.net/main

Hi pranav.jha,
Zapier is a great platform to interface to other applications, so I can imagine you’re looking into this.

We have a video on our YouTube channel (https://trigg.re/youtube) explaining how to connect your Triggre application with Zapier. The link below starts right at the credentials part, but feel free to watch a bit before or after that for more context.

Hope this helps!

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for the reply. This gives a bit of clarity. In the video it says that the regular credentials of Triggre wouldn’t work for connecting with zapier, but I will have to ask for one. How can I get those credentials ? I tried sending an email to guides@triggre.com
but the mail bounces with the response :slight_smile:
![\ 126x28](upload://b8zH8N25nSfFOijP4Processing: APPLICATION SET.docx…

Your message to guides@triggre.com couldn’t be delivered.
The group guides only accepts messages from people in its organization or on its allowed senders list, and your email address isn’t on the list.

Hi Pranav,
Thanks for the feedback about the e-mailaddress. I’ll make sure that will be changed.

You can get your credentials for interfaces via https://my.triggre.com and click on My applications. Choose the application you want to link Zapier to. Click on the button Application settings and go to the section Interface credentials. Look at the link of corresponding environment and there are you your credentials.

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Thanks Eddie, this works. Appreciate your prompt reply and eagerness to help.


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Great to hear that it works.

I know how it feels to get stuck for a longer period of time trying to create something. So as soon as I see a person with questions like this I try to help them as quickly as possible. Small effort for great joy, I’d say.

I hope you like the template, this is my personal favorite actually. It is a bit complex because you also have to setup something within DocParser (which also requires some learning if you never used it before). But if you done that, it’s absolutely ready to use to process invoices for instance.

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