Release notes 2021-03-04

A brand new learning method for Triggre!
We have something amazing to share with you! A brand new way to learn how to work with Triggre is live right now. Our experiences with our customers over the last few years have inspired us to create a new learning method that is available for everyone, for free! The Triggre team has worked incredibly hard over the last few months and we’re so happy we can finally show you: The Triggre Academy exercises.

The Academy exercises are the first step in your Triggre learning journey. Each part of the Triggre Designer has its own exercises that will let you discover Triggre in a fun and interactive way. With guided videos, fun tasks and fast learning you will know how to build your own applications in no time.

You can access the Academy exercises through the dashboard in your own Triggre Designer. From there, just pick the exercises you want to do and go have fun! Right now, there are three groups of exercises available for you:

In the first group of exercises, you will get familiar with all basic functionality that is part of the Triggre Designer. A perfect start! Here you will learn more about the face, factory and warehouse of your application. We will also take a look at Appearance, User flows, Flow parts and more.


With the exercises for Data, you will easily learn how to create and change data items, how to add properties to your data items and how to create relations between your data items. Everything you need to know to create the warehouse for your application.

In the third group of exercises you will learn about flows. You will play around with creating all kinds of different flow parts and discover how to publish and use them. Give it a try, it’s fun!

There’s more to come!
Of course, we won’t stop here. Over the next few weeks we will release dedicated exercises for everything that the Triggre Designer has to offer! This is what’s coming your way:

  • Pages
  • Communication
  • Charts
  • Decisions
  • Automation
  • Calculations
  • Connections

There will be so much more to discover and every time a new group of exercises is live, we will let you know. We’re super happy to announce this upgrade and we hope you will enjoy this as much as we do. Have fun and let us know what you think!