Release notes 2021-04-01

Academy exercises: Pages, Communication and Charts
In May, we released the first part of the new learning method for Triggre: the Academy exercises. These free and interactive exercises are the first step in your Triggre learning journey. Everyone with a Triggre account can start today: you can access the exercises through the dashboard in your own Triggre Designer.

We started off with the first three groups of exercises: Basics, Data and Flows. Now there are even more exercises available for you:

  • Pages: Learn how to create pages with different layouts, content and dynamic fields.
  • Communication: Discover how you can send emails, create documents and more.
  • Charts: Line? Bar? Or do you like Pie? Learn how to work with charts in Triggre.

Earn more actions in your free Starter account
When you have a free Starter account to try out Triggre, you receive 1000 free actions per month to start building with. Need more? No problem! From now on, you can earn more free actions by finishing groups of Academy exercises. It’s a win-win: you’ll learn more about Triggre and get more free actions to play around with!

Technical improvements
We have made multiple technical improvements that result in faster applications and increased stability.