Release notes 2019-08-27

New page editor
Last year, we introduced you to our new document editor in a line of brand new editors that will be available in Triggre. With this release, we introduce the new page editor!

By using the page editor, creating a page in your application is now done by adding items to a page in a visual way. This gives you a much better idea of what your page will look like in your application.

You can also choose different layout templates for your page. Each template contains one or more blocks, differently laid out. Inside each block, you can add content the way you want to. Combine images, charts, forms, text and more on a single page.

All these new functions together, make it really easy for you to create awesome and multi-functional pages in your Triggre application.

User menu and profile user flow
We have also implemented a user menu in Triggre. This means that in the top right corner of your application, users can now find their settings in a menu. You can add your own user flows to this menu as well.

There’s also a new standard user flow in Triggre: the profile user flow. This user flow allows your users to change their profile and password.

General stability and performance improvements and fixed issues.