Release notes 2022-08-02

Favorite icon
From now on you can set the browser tab icon, or so-called favorite icon of your application. This is the little icon that is shown in the browser tab. It can be set in the Triggre Designer when you go to Appearance, then enter add mode and change the logo. You will now see an extra step to set the icon. This icon will be updated after you publish your application.

A small but handy update is a little icon of a cogwheel in the top right of the Triggre Designer. This will lead you to My Triggre, where you can manage the settings of your application.

Two new functions
We have implemented two new functions that can be used in your applications.

  • Find position of A in text B
  • Make A a text

The first one finds a text in another text and returns the start of that text, or zero if it isn’t found. The second function makes a text out of something, for example a date or number.

Performance improvements
Specifically for large, very complex designs, the speed of our validation algorithm has been greatly improved. This means that it takes Triggre less time to show those handy red icons to indicate where you need to make a change because you’ve removed something for example.