Release notes 2024.2

Arrows stay when removing items
In the flow part, user flow and automation flow editors, when you remove an item after an arrow, the arrow is no longer automatically removed. This includes the buttons that you have made in your user flows; meaning you can stop stressing about that very complicated business rule you put into that button, as it will be here to stay!

PDF generation
With this release we introduce a completely new PDF rendering engine, which provides much faster performance and results in smaller PDF files. The speed increase should specifically be noticeable when your document contains one or more charts. There could be minor differences with the old engine:

  • About 0.5mm difference in page size
  • Minor diffences in element placement (1-2mm)
  • Slight difference in how fonts are rendered
  • Better unicode support, including emojis :+1:

Image format support
We have extended our support for newer formats such as WEBP and HEIC/HEIF. Triggre now supports: BMP, GIF, HEIF, JPEG, JPEG XL, PNG, TIFF and WEBP. On Windows, Triggre also supports ICO files. SVG files can be uploaded and are displayed, but otherwise have limited support (there is no extensive vector image support in Triggre).

Improved image processing
With this release, we have improved our image processing logic, resulting in faster loading of images that you use in your application. We now apply the following conversion logic:

  • ICO, JPEG, GIF, PNG, WEBP - no conversion

Improved Web API error handling
We have made another small improvement in the Web API error handling, in case of 500 errors. If the server sends a 500-599 status code, and sends data in JSON format, you can now use that data in your flow part. This is a very exceptional case, as usually these errors mean that something went wrong on the server and no data could be sent.

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