Add CkEditor/WYSIWYG editor

Dear Triggre-Team,

In many cases, I can imagine that it would be really nice for a user to have a CkEditor or a WYSIWYG Editor where images can be pasted, maybe even a link to a video or something like that. I mean, I am typing this text for this feature request in exactly this type of editor I’d like to have haha – ironically.

It would be a very nice property to have, and can nicely be added to the flow in the designer where you choose to add a formfield with text, multiple lines and then you can choose for a ‘simple text field’ or a CkEditor/WYSIWYG editor.

I can understand however that it’s difficult to add the output of this field to a document or email. (I’m working with Razor (based on C#) to build documents and emails, and there we’ve got a @Raw property which makes sure the input is nicely added in the output of a document – just as a hint.)

Could you let us know if this will be on the roadmap? Thanks in advance!


This one is definitely on our roadmap, in the form of ‘allow rich text properties’. We do not intend to allow raw input, as this is something that will very likely break with updates to the Triggre platform.

Basically, where you see an option to fix it with raw code, we see far more options that will break when we update your application. And we can’t test for those easily, nor can we fix them for you automatically, which would effectively break our compatibility.

Video will very likely be a separated item, but I understand the request for being able to add ‘inline’ videos and images. I will make sure we add this to our request list!