Combining 2 lists of data items of the same type and forcing unique entries

I have 2 data-item lists that would get generated by different lookups/calculations from the same data table

in this case the name of a business with their address and several other values

the combination of all information would be unique, but just the name or the address would not necessarily be unique

for example there could be businesses with the same name but different addresses or there could be 2 businesses with the same address but not the same name

and both of the above examples would need to remain in the list

combining the 2 lists would most likely result in having multiple of the same combinations of business name and address

how do I combine these into a single list whilst keeping the correct number of unique combination of values?


In this case I’d create a flow part to manually check for duplicates. The output will show all unique items

First create a data-item for the unique items ‘CompanyUnique’.

Then add a new flow part with the companies as input.

Add a repeat action based on the companies in your input.

In the repeat action itself: create a lookup to filter current company in CompanyUnique.

if CompanyUnique is empty, add the current company and end the repeat action

if CompanyUnique is not empty? do nothing and end the repeat action

after your repeat action perform a clean up by deleting all data from the Unique data-item (else the next time you do it it still contains the old values)

Select the “Add data-item” from the repeat action as an output, which will contain all the items you just added.