Newby question: combining data elements in a new data element

Hello, for some reason I seem not to be able to fill a data element with the content of two others.

The case:
I interafce from a Appointment Bookingssystem via a Zapier Webhook the booked appointments into my Triggre application. The Bookingssytem works with two data fields: ‘first name’ and ‘last name’. Later in my process (user) flows I have to ship the customer after her appointment a package where I would like to export my order details to Sendcloud. However Sendcloud can work with a ‘Full Name’ only. My idea was to use the Funcion for Texts Data fields ‘Combine A with B’ and fill it in a new Data Element ‘Full Name’ with the content of the data element ‘first name’ and ‘last name’.

I have tried everything in my knoweldge to create a flow part that does this data merge for me and use that flow part in the user flow, however the field ‘full name’ remains empty after publishing. I have tried to check the online training available to understand what I do wrong and checked the documentation available but I seem not to be able to set it up. Finished my Triggre Explorer Certification though :wink:

Is there any documentation or video available that guides me through this merge process?


Hi Maarten,
In this case I wouldn’t use the function Combine A with B, since you’ll miss a space between First and Last name. John Doe would be combined to JohnDoe.

Maybe the following knowledge base article will help you: Adding an automatic full name to user profiles | Triggre Knowledge Base

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Hello Eddie,

Thx for your prompt reply, I did see that link you refer to however I can not translate that into a solution for my challenge unfortunately. Is there some content available that explains is it in more detail step-by-step?

Thx Maarten

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Hi Maarten,
After you received the data via Zapier you can add an additional flow part. This flow part look like the one described in Step 3 of the knowledge base (KB) article I’ve refered to. Since you add it in the automation flow where you receive the data from Zapier you can skip step 4 of the KB.

In the KB we refer to the User data-item, but it could be any data-item with a First name, Last name, etc you want to combine to a Full Name. So if you save customer data in the data-item Customer, use that in stead of User.

How this helps you further along the road. The key of this KB article is Step 3.

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