Post-update operations on related data item

I am noticing unexpected behavior in Triggre when updating a chain of data-items.
I am using a data-item called Relation to store (among other) customers. If the Relation represents a private customer, I additionally create an entry in the data-item Person and link the two together. Depending on the type (busines or private Relation) a property called displayName is used to either display the Person’s full name or the Relations business name.
Additionally, I have an Automation Flow in place, that calculates the fullName property of a Person, when one of the elements of that name has changed. To update a Relation, a user clicks the Update button, and edits the Relation data. When the users clicks Save, the first data-item to update is the Person. If a name element has changed, the fullName of the Person is recalculated and stored. Then I update the Relation data-item. Obviously I want to update the property Relation.displayName with the NEW value of Person.fullName. To do that, I link to the selected Relation object from the overview, where the user clicked the Update button.
When the process is finished, the displayName is not updated. The fullName however is. It seems that the reference to the selected object also references the original data and not the changed data, as I would expect after a committed change of the data-item. Since I can’t refer to the changed object values, I need to integrate my concatenateName Flow Part into the User Flow. But I have multiple types of Relations (e.g. Suppliers, Leads) in multiple flows and it seems a maintenance unfriendly solution to add this Flow Part to all these User Flows. Isn’t that what the data-trigger function is meant for?
I am keen to learn if anyone else has experienced this and if there are other ways to achieve my goal. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Hi Sylvester,
So if I read your story correct the issue is as follows:
You have a table and 2 flowparts:

  1. You select a record in the table of data-item Person
  2. You change the value FullName of the selected Person
  3. You change the value of Display name in the data-item Relation, which is linked to Person

The problem you’re encountering is that Triggre does update in step 2, but not in step 3?

Did I describe it correctly?

Hi Eddie,

In short: yes, that is basically what happens. 1. is done by the user. 2. is a result of an automated flow based on a data-trigger. 3. is done by an update flow part in the user flow.

Then I know what the issue is:

Step 1 and 3 will be executed before the next page loads, while step 2 will be executed asynchronously. Therefore there’s a small delay in that.

So what happens is:

  • step 1 is executed
  • step 2 is fired, but not executed yet
  • step 3 is executed
  • step 2 is executed

To resolve this issue you need to put step 2 and 3 in the same user flow (both instantly executed) or in the same automation flow (both asynchronously executed).

These concepts are quite important within Triggre:
All flowparts between pages are executed as one execution
All automation flows (data triggres) are executed in the background and asynchronously

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Ok, that is a clear answer, I wasn’t aware of the parallel processing part. So what this means is that data, that is changed through an automation flow during the execution of a user flow, may not be available during that execution and therefore should not be used in that user flow. To ensure availability, you should make sure the data update takes place within the same flow. Correct?

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Yes, you are correct