Dataitem reffrence on automation flow property edit

Does a reference count as a property too in a automation flow? I need to create a log when a reference from a dataitem changed but I can not see where I can do this. Can anyone help me with this.

Hi Daan,

While a reference counts as a property, at this moment we do not yet support automation flow triggers that start when these properties change. I assume you wanted to make a data trigger in an automation flow to start when the reference changes.

What you can do however, is the following, which may help:

  1. Add a property ‘Last change’ of type ‘Date and time’ to your data item
  2. Every time you add or remove a referenced item, set the ‘Last change’ to the current date/time
  3. Create an automation flow with a data trigger on the ‘Last change’ field

Hope this workaround helps!