Working with built-in Flow parts

When you build an application, and you have created a data item, you will notice that Triggre automatically adds flow parts to your design. The flow parts that are added are:

  1. Create
    This flow part allows you to create new data. For example, if you have defined a data item Task, Triggre will automatically add a Create Task flow part. This flow part takes each property of your data item as an input, and stores it in the application.

  2. Update
    When you have existing data and want to update it, this flow part comes in handy. For a Task for example, the Update Task flow part will be created and can be used to update a Task in your application. It takes all properties of your data item, and a data item (e.g. a Task) as inputs. All inputs that you supply are updated, the others are left as they are.

  3. Delete
    This flow part deletes data from your application. If we take Task as an example again, Delete Task will remove the task it takes as input from the data in your application.

With these built-in flow parts you can do most of the generic work on your design. Please note that built-in flow parts cannot be edited, instead they are always kept up-to-date by Triggre based on the properties of your data item.

You can easily recognize a built-in flow part because it is grayed out in the flow parts overview: