Copy and Paste Data/Tables


I note that this is probably somewhat a low priority task but i think it could be useful at some point.

If there are more than one table, different table names but similar field structure and contents, wouldn’t it be valuable to copy and paste tables when creating the database model?

This would save the time spent recreating more than one table when the only difference is the title. [E.g Pen 1, Pen 2, Pen 3 are all separate tables with different table titles but could have similar characteristics/field name (length, width, colour).

Happy to clarify further.

Hi @stanley.dikeocha,

Thanks for your suggestion! It has indeed come up more often, in many different ways. Here are some similar questions that will also be covered by this feature: and

We have a more advanced idea on our roadmap, as you can see here: Triggre Roadmap | New features coming to Triggre


It’s not the highest priority, and it also requires some other changes to be built first. But rest assured, we have it on our radar!

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Great stuff! Patiently waiting for this feature.

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Sounds like a very nice feature. Would be happy if this is added.

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