Ways of selectively loading previously developed Triggre elements?

Hi, community,

Is there a way of selectively loading Triggre elements such as flow parts, user flows, or data items into a current design environment? So, for example, I would have developed a flow part that would access an API to receive currency exchange rates for another Triggre application. I would like to reuse it for the current application, could I save the “currency exchange rate” user flow and load it into the existing application design environment without overriding the already existing work? What other way would exist to reuse previous work? Any best practices and advice?

Many thanks.

Hi @sven.brossi,

Currently we don’t have a copy/paste feature; I’ll spare you the details of why such a feature is not straight-forward. We do have this on our roadmap, where you will be able to copy from one design you have access to, straight into another design.

For the time being, the best way is to open 2 tabs, and re-build the process step by step. I will look into whether there is a way to work on the copy/paste feature in the nearest future, as this has been a much requested feature.

While this was probably not the answer you were hoping for, I hope it helps at least a bit.

Thank you, Jesse. This will be a great feature, that could make life much easier for developers.