Extracting Specific Data With Webhook Automation Flow


I have created a Webhook automation flow in Triggre that needs to receive the following data (see attached image). I am successfully receiving the “event_id” and “event,” but I also want to retrieve the “id” from the custom item “msg.” What input should I use in my automation flow for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards, Melissa


Hi Melissa,

That is a good question. I’m going to ask my colleagues how we can cope with this. Will get back to this question.


Hi @melissa,

Sadly we don’t yet support nested variables. This is something we are looking in to, but have yet to find a good solution for, from a front-end / design perspective.

It’s got our attention currently, hopefully we can come up with a good solution soon.

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your message. We understand the challenge with nested variables, and we appreciate your attention to this matter.

For now, we’ve found a workaround by capturing the webhook response with Zapier.

Kind regards,

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