Extracting Specific Data With Webhook Automation Flow


I have created a Webhook automation flow in Triggre that needs to receive the following data (see attached image). I am successfully receiving the “event_id” and “event,” but I also want to retrieve the “id” from the custom item “msg.” What input should I use in my automation flow for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards, Melissa


Hi Melissa,

That is a good question. I’m going to ask my colleagues how we can cope with this. Will get back to this question.


Hi @melissa,

Sadly we don’t yet support nested variables. This is something we are looking in to, but have yet to find a good solution for, from a front-end / design perspective.

It’s got our attention currently, hopefully we can come up with a good solution soon.

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your message. We understand the challenge with nested variables, and we appreciate your attention to this matter.

For now, we’ve found a workaround by capturing the webhook response with Zapier.

Kind regards,

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Hi @Jesse, curious about the status of this. Did you manage to sort out this challenge?

Background: in the Exact Online API, a good webhook connection is essential to sync data continuously. When data is changed in EOL, it should be updated in Triggre as well. The way to do this is Webhooks, but EOL only posts data in a certain, structured way, see screenshot.

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Hi @ronald,

We have a feature in development to solve nested variable handling in results of Web API calls right now.

This is on the list for after that, though we have not yet decided on a specific solution.