Fix with regional formatting may affect your application

In the most recent release we fixed an issue where the thousands-separator would not be applied when converting a number to text. This fix may have introduced a problem in your application, which we did foresee correctly. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may (have) cause(d).

The problem
The problem occurs when using one of the following functions in a calculation action in a flow part:

  • Combine A with B - where A or B is a number
  • Make A a text - where A is a number

In the below we assume US formatting (period as a decimal separator, and comma as a thousands separator). For EU formatting (comma as a decimal separator, and period as a thousands separator) the same problem applies, just with different separators.

The old behavior was that a number such as 1 million would be formatted as this (assuming 6 decimals): 1000000.000000

After the fix, this would be formatted as follows: 1,000,000.000000

This can cause a problem if you then use this text as a part of a text, or to count the number of characters for example. Most likely, if this affects your application, you use this number as part of a filename, or an invoice number for example.

The quickest way to solve this is to wrap the Combine A with B or Make A a text function in a Remove text A from B function, replacing the thousands-separator with an empty text:

  • Remove text , from ( Combine A with B )
  • Remove text , from ( Make A a text )

Please reply to this post if you have any questions regarding your design or are hesitating how to solve the issue in your application if this affects you.

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