Import – export


I haven 2 instances of the same application. I do an export in one application with a numeric field in it.

I want to import this file in the second instance of the same application.

I got an error message on the numeric value “1,000.00” this is not a numeric value.

I didn’t change anything! When I change in excel the type of this field into numeric t is recognized by triggre. It seems that an export of a numeric fied is not formatted as a numeric field.

How to fix it!

Hi Bouwe,

Can it be that you application runs in a dutch setting (were 1,000.00 looks as 1.000,00)?

If so, maybe the Triggre export routine uses the American settings, which in Excel will result in the American notation, which is not recognized during the import in your dutch environment…

Hi rene,

They are both triggre environments; how can I change the setting of the triggre envirmonment form dutch to usa and vice versa?

Hi Bouwe,

Currently, we at Triggre can do that for you. This could also have an effect on how you get to see other things displayed in your application.

We are going to be releasing an option to do this yourself later this year.