Date in ISO format for date field in data items

It seems peculiar that the excel import doesn’t support date in iso format which is almost universally used here in Sweden.

I received this error when importing a excel file:



Value ‘2024-02-14’ cannot be recognized as a date value. Cell:A2. Supported formats: “dd-MM-yyyy”, “dd/MM/yyyy”, “dd.MM.yyyy”.

Any thoughts on this?

Hello rcoswemail,
Could it be the date is stored as a text? I just tested it when I use a custom format and it seems to work OK.

You can configure this as:

  1. Select the cell with the date (example 01-01-2024)
  2. Press CTRL+1 on your keyboard (or right click and select “Cell properties”)
  3. Select Custom in the list of Categories
  4. Enter yyyy-MM-dd in the Type field
  5. Click OK

The date will be displayed as 2024-01-01 and will still be importable for Triggre.

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