Extract month and year from a date field in database

For statistic overviews, I would like to use an automated flow which fills the field month and year in a database. In the month I would like to have the month-value from the creation date field and the year value from the creation date field in the yearfield.

Does anybody have a suggestion how I can do this?

We have a workaround for that.

Create a data-item with all dates from today till 5 years from now in the first column, in the second the month number or name and in the third the year.

Import this Excel into your application.

Create a reference for this date which you would like to report on. When you save a date also link this date to this data-item in a flow part. Do this by creating a lookup where the value of the user is equal to the date in the data-item. Save the reference to this date at this record.

Tip: In Excel always note dates like yyyy-mm-dd to prevent American/European date format issues. 9/11 is September 11th in the US, while in the EU it’s November 9th