Formatting A Date


How can I format a date with the following format ‘dd-mm-yyyy’ to ‘yyyymmdd’?

Thanks in advance!
Melissa Barneveld

Hi Mellissa,
Where would you like to do that? On a page or in an interface message?


Hi Eddie,

I’m formatting the date for an API call using text functions in a flow part.

You can use the function “Cut A FROM B for n characters” for that.
The nice thing about dates in this case is that they have a regular format.

Create the following different calculations
Day: Cut [date] FROM 1 for 2 charachters
Month: Cut [date] FROM 4 for 2 charachters
Year:Cut [date] FROM 7 for 4 charachters

Then add these calculations together by Day+Month+Year in a new calculation.


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