Calculated date shows with time in mail


I have a flow that calculates a date (date A + 1 year). When I include that date in a mail message, it shows the date and the time:

“kunt u dit uiterlijk op 03-10-2020, 00:00 doorgeven”.

Hoe do I get rid of the time label?

Data A is a date field in a data, not a date/time field.

I created a work around: a Data (Datumbuffer) with two fields: Date and Secquence.

  1. After the calculation I create a record with the calculated date.
  2. Then I do a Look up for that record (sorted on the Sequence field, last first).
  3. Then I use that date in the mail text.

Good to see you already found a creative solution. Another solution could be the following:

A date consists of 10 charachters (2 days, 2 months, 4 years, and 2 dashes).

First create a calculation to Combine A with B to make your date convert to text (you can fill out nothing at B)

By using the function “Cut A from B for N charachters” you can “cut Date from 0 for 10 charachters”. That will result in just the date.

This is considered a defect, so we will pick this up.