From user flow to flow part

When placing a custom flow part in a user flow and something does not work, I often check the flow part first. To get there, you have to leave the user flow and look it up. Why can’t you click the flow part and be redirected there immediately? This would save a lot of time.

Hi Albert,
Thanks for the feature request. That’s actually quite a good idea. We already have the WYSIWYG-page editor on our roadmap. Maybe we can incorporate it into this feature.


Hi Albert,
Currently this is indeed not possible yet and as @Eddie said, we have some improvements already on our radar.
We have plans on our roadmap to make this exact feature possible, as part of a (much) larger change to Triggre.
For now, several tabs in your browser will be the way to go. You can safely work in 2 tabs at the same time: one with the user flow or automation flow, and one with the flow part.

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