Continuing a user flow from the table on the right does not work

I have created a user flow for Customers and added a button to click through to the Customer Projects. In the Projects screen I have placed the Projects in a table on the left and in a table on the right I am showing the Project phases that belong to the selected project. To enable the user to manage Project phases from this screen, I have added buttons to add, edit and delete Project phases.

Adding a Phase works fine. However, when choosing edit or delete, and having linked these buttons to the selected item in the right table, nothing happens. Triggre does not seem to respond at all to the click action. Is there anything I may be missing?

Hi Silvester,

I had the same situation. I think that my solution might help you.

This is the general idea:

Create a user flow with one page (Overview).

The left side contains a full table: Projects.

The right side is stacked. It contains:

A table with the phases of the selected project.
The form field Selected Project, pre-filled with the selected project (left). It can only contain the selected project or be empty.
The form field Selected Phase, pre-filled with the selected phase (right). It can only contain the selected phase or be empty.
All other properties of Phase, pre-filled with the values of the selected phase.

There are three buttons:

Delete is a submit-button. It calls the flow part Delete Project which deletes the selected phase. If no phase was selected, nothing happens.
Save is also a submit-button. It calls a decision: Selected phase is not empty.
When True: it calls Update Phase.
When False: it calls Create Phase.

I also have pictures, but when I add these, my reply vanishes :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you, René. Your proposed solution does the trick and enables the user to start editing items from the right grid, as I had planned it.

Nevertheless it seems to me that your solution, though effective, is in fact a workaround for something that doesn.t work as it should. This should be something for Triggre to have another look at.

Hello Sylvester,

Thank you for your feedback. We’re continuously improving our platform. We’ll forward your feedback to our R&D team, so they can use it in the future. We’re also glad to hear you can use the work around René posted (and will be added to our knowledge base) to create the functionality you wanted. In Triggre there are often different ways to create the functionality of your application.

Hi Sylvester, Eddie and René,

The work around solution is now available on our knowledge base: Building a single page for adding, removing and editing