Multi-select rows in table or grid

Hi there,

Recently I runned into Triggre as a no-code platform. Currently I am getting familiar with the platform by trying to rebuild a relative simple order management tool I have created on another platform.

One of the functionalities is a multi-select of records in a grid. What I would like to know is:

  1. Is it possible in Triggre to have a checkbox in the first column of a table that a user can check to select one or more rows?
  2. Is it possible to batch process selected records using an Automation or User flow part. For example: Set a specific status on the selected orders or send the orders to an external system.
  3. If possible (as described above or in another way) can someone please provide some hints into the right direction?

Thanks in advance


Great that you give Triggre a go! I will try to answer your questions.

  1. A short answer: No, however there are other options with the same result. In most cases, I create a form field where I can select multiple lines. How do you do that? Well, create a reference form field of the data item in that table.

  2. Yes it is. Depends a bit of your goal. If you want to set the status of all selected orders, you create a simple flowpart. Let’s say that you want to update the status of a quotation (=offerte).

Ofcourse you can also use an automation flow. There you can check old and new values and determine when you want to send this to another system.

  1. I hope that you gives you a push in the right direction.

Does this answer your questions?

Thanks for your reply. I will try some stuff out and post back the results

Other questions:

Is it possible to add buttons in a table or grid for row specific interaction. Button update status that shows a page to select the status and save the record.

If not is it on the roadmap to make this kind of UX possible in the future. What also would be great if you can set a page to show as modal/overlay. If that’s not yet a feature I will add it to feature request topic.

It is possible to show a button based on a specific line with additional rules. These can be added if you go to the wizard when you add a button. The place of the buttons are static. This means that the buttons are centered at the same place. Please add it to the feature request if you want anything like this. Our R&D team will take a look if this fits into the future plans of Triggre.


With regard to your feature requests; both items are on the roadmap. We cannot give you a date on those yet, however, we continuously improve our platform with new features and other improvements, to make it more widely applicable, even easier to use and always keeping things secure for you.