Our very first Triggre Meet & Greet!

Hi fellow Triggre fans!

Yesterday we held the first Meet & Greet with Triggre customers from various industries with one thing in common: they use Triggre to support their business processes. Representatives from Wikkelhouse, Autopharma/Servilocker and MÄSTARE gathered to exchange knowledge and tips.

Some of the topics we discussed (that you may also find interesting):

  • When designing our application, it is easy to name the buttons with fancy terms that end up being confusing. An elegant way to keep it simple, especially in long workflows, is to name “+” the button to add elements, and name “-” the button to remove them.

  • It is possible to add multiple filters to an overview page.

  • A not very well known feature of Triggre is the QR connector, that allows you to scan a QR code and then start some action based on the scanned code. This function is particularly interesting for supply chain and manufacturing companies.

  • If your application is to be used by many people, they may require help sometimes. To facilitate the helper’s duty in this case, it’s possible to build an admin function to log in as a different user. This allows the helper to better understand the problem to solve. You can discover how to implement it in this Knowledge Base article.

All in all, we had fun, we learned a lot, and we are already looking forward to the next edition! :smiley:

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