How to improve customer end-user experience?

Last week we presented our solution to the board of our customer. The solution itself needs some small improvements, but the overall comment of the board was that the enduser experience needs to be improved a lot. The application is now not pixel perfect, what we told them upfront. Hence, the application should be used as reference for the whole industry “look what great tool we are now using”. Customers needs to be suprised by the application which should be set as the new standard for this industry.
Currently the enduser (blue collar worker) needs to click a lot through the application while he is able to fill in a fields in once in the current analogue document. He also needs to scroll a lot, as we are lacking dynamic tables. And the PDF which is created, is also not that great to send to the customer for approval. Last but not least the board wants to have more colors in the application. While typing this topic, all the customers wants is more or less available in the template which is used in this community site.

Do you have suggestions, how to improve enduser experience whilest we are lacking dynamic tables? How could we use dependancies in one screen for fields to be visible (currently solved in the css)? How could we change buttons, both in color and placing on the screen? How could we improve the layout of the PDF generated in the application, without using for example PDF monkey?

Many thanks for your ideas