Interface with Microsoft Teams


A client is transferring from a ‘good old database’ to Microsoft Teams.

Right now we use exported Excel sheets to fill/update a Triggre application. The client expects that it will be possible to create a real time interface between MT and Triggre.

The client offers courses to students. The course and lesson plans are visible in the (MT) calendars of the students. The Triggre app is in use for the inviation and assignment of teachers who meet certain criteria (wicht are managed in Triggre).

There wil be two actovators:

  1. When in MT a course planning is created/updated, Triggre should know en be fed with the new data.
  2. Whin in Triggre a teacher has been assigned, MT should know and fill the related fields in the planning (calendar).

I have no idea how to realize this. I don’t think this can be done through Zapier.

Any ideas?

Hi Rene,

I think it is possible to connect your e-mail calender of office 365 to Triggre. MT is connected to Office 365. So, in theory it should be possible to create an interface whereas your Microsoft Outlook Calendar is your input.

Next steps, will be to check if you can send a new event, update of an event or a cancellation of an event.

So, in steps:

  1. Go to agenda in MT (synced with your outlook agenda)

  2. Build zapier connection from Office 365 to Triggre

  3. Try to build different request for an event (new, update or delete) and send to Triggre.

  4. Add, update or delete course to the planning in Triggre.

Is this helpful?


During a meeting yesterday it was decided that Triggre will be the source of MS Teams, so I need to work the other way around. I’m sure we’ll get this running (if MS can handle creates, deletes and updates.

I managed to use Zapier. That’s great. When a lesson is created in Triggre, Zapier creates an appointment in Outlook. I’ll work my way through the updating process and I think I’ll get this done, too.

Thanks, so far.