Internal Rate Revenue and NPV

The Internal Rate Revenue (IRR) is a known formula in excel, which calculates the percentage after considering a range of numbers (cashflow).

Some links for reference -

The NPV is another formula that calculates the Net present value of an investment, and is known in excel.

Link for reference - Net Present Value Calculator

Is it possible to perform the same calculation in Triggre? if so, how? If no, any better altenative?

Hello Stanley,
Yes, it is possible to create a calculation to calculate IRR. However, please keep in mind that when you devide a number, the outcome must be higher than 1 if you want to do other calculations on it. Else Triggre will round it to zero and many calculations will fail.

You can find the power and root functions in the functions list in the section “Numbers”.

Thanks for the tip, Eddie. I’ll give this a try today and confirm the outcome

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