Make filters on user roles

I want to make a decision based on the user role of the current user.

How can I do that; i can’t get a list of the roles of a user or do I miss something?


If you mean the roles that you created to provide access per user flow, then you can’t. This list is not provided by Triggre.

What you can do, is to create another data item called “user roles” and provide access to a role based on the chosen user role.

Then you can also get the list of your choice.

Does that give an answer to your question?

Thanks but is not a very nice solution, you end up with two different mechanism’s for role based access.

An alternative option is to use the built-in flow part Load User roles, which gives you a list of the roles a user has. Then you can make a decision based on whether that list includes a certain role name.

We have some changes on our roadmap regarding functionality that would allow your case to work, but for now this is likely the best solution.