Removing items from a list with a Function

Hi Community,
I am trying to add and remove and item from a list, the add function is working just fine, but the remove function keeps on giving me an error.


I have two a table of students.
On the right side are students I want to register in an activity, and on the left side are students who I have registered to and activity.

Getting the registered students on the left table works perfectly.

I would like to have the students that I have registered for an activity on the right table to be removed from the list.

I have used the Function REMOVE A FROM B, but it doesn’t work because it doesn’t see or recognizes the content on my right table as a list.

If anyone has any suggestions or workaround for me that will be amazing, thanks in advance.

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Hi Brendo,
If I’m correct you have two table overviews:

  1. Left with all registered participants
  2. Right with all participants who weren’t registered yet

It is a bit hard to determine the goal with screenshots of the user flows.

In this case I would advise not to use the “Remove A from B” function. In this case I’d use the “LIST A contains B” function. If you would state LIST [participant on left side] CONTAINS [participant of data-item] = false you would leave out out all the participants of the list on the left side.


Thank you, Eddie, This was very helpful, it works.